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Baipao!!! Please get in touch with me about some ideas/opportunities for Heaven! (I'm back after a 2 year absence....)
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The nightingale sings, the wind blows through the cherry blossoms, and enlightenment is but a breath away...

Welcome to the Heaven of the White Leopard, a slice of the Nine Heavens of Khitai on Earth, where mortalkind may find serenity, camaraderie, and respite. All with purity of intent are welcome within the protection of our city walls and the affection of our hearts.

((HotWL is an RP-focused guild (and yes, sometimes EroticRP), with secondary emphasis on PvE. We seek to maintain a casual atmosphere with tight-knit friends, and see the guild as a place to relax from the trials of Hyboria. Though it is a Khitan theme, all races and classes are welcome. We are the good guys, even if some of us wear black kimonos. Come join us!))

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The bountiful West...

ceannric, Aug 23, 13 12:15 PM.
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This is an RP guild--all recruits must be RPers! We are currently recruiting all races and classes.
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